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In the history of building products, slate roofing has always been at the top of the list for premium designer products. In today’s building world no other building product conveys class and prestige more than a slate roof. In addition to the beauty, the difficulty of working with slate mandates a talented craftsman with a highly trained construction crew. However, rising costs have relegated slate to the commercial building market with very few homeowners willing to fork out it’s cost.

In response to this, the market has created many composite slate materials in its’ attempt to lower costs. However, it is impossible to capture the authentic look of a naturally occurring stone with a mixture of plastic and vinyl. Fading and cracking become a significant issue with these materials as the years pass.

In a stroke of brilliance, GAF manufacturing has discovered a method to install real slate without the cost of real slate. In a traditional slate roof each piece overlaps to cover the gaps and nails in the piece underneath. This means that 70% of the slate you pay for is covered and unseen. In the GAF True Slate roof there is no overlap and there are no fastener holes. The system relies on a patented UV blocker under roof to function and fully expose imported slate for its’ beauty. The slate shingles are hung as opposed to drilled to ensure the continued integrity of the system. The result is a lifetime real slate roof with no exposed fasteners for the price of a cheaper composite.

As Alabama’s only GAF Truslate "Master Slate Crafter," Bear Roofing is very excited about it’s truslate line.

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View each photo and imagine the beauty we could add to your home. Take note that when you or your children sell the home it will come with a 50 year non-prorated warranty and a strikingly beautiful new roof. Bear Roofing installs truslate in a 300 mile radius of Birmingham and is the only company in Alabama that has been accepted into the slate roofers contracting association.

Roofing prices ( based on average roof sq. ft. –3000 sq. ft.)

Traditional slate $ 37,500.00
Tru-slate $ 23,000.00

50 year asphalt shingle
40 year asphalt shingle
30 year asphalt shingle
20 year asphalt shingle

$ 13,500.00
$ 10,500.00
$ 7,500.00

We hope that you have found this to be informative. More information is available at Tru Slate. We are very proud of our working relationship with GAF manufacturing and the subsequent certifications and support. Together we strive to the pinnacle of professional training, commitment and integrity. We hope you can give us the chance to prove it.


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