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Vinyl siding is the most cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, save on energy costs, and attain the satisfaction that comes from knowing you will never have to paint again! 

Bear Roof's home Siding Service provides unparalleled quality and guarantees in workmanship and the effectiveness of its vinyl siding.

Years of experience and knowledge has made us a true leader in the industry!

Vinyl siding, when properly manufactured and expertly installed, will provide insulation in a few important ways:

  • It will create structural integrity. Vinyl siding becomes a protective shell for your home.
  • Vinyl siding will increase R-value.  R-value refers to thermal resistance, and is one way of measuring the insulating capacity of any given material.
  • Properly installed, vinyl siding will allow vapors to escape, allowing your home to “breathe.” 
    Issues associated with mildew and rot can be effectively averted.
  • Vinyl siding will prevent air infiltration - - Noise or pollution will be significantly reduced.

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Bear Roofs offers a clear choice of product and guarantees.  Our success is due to the professionalism of our approach and the superior design of our product.

Our siding systems are the most maintenance-free siding products on the market. They are backed by the strongest and most-comprehensive warranties in the siding industry.

A few reasons why Bear Roofing & Siding should be your choice of contractors:

  • Up to 76% fewer seams
  • Never requires painting
  • 4 - 8 times more insulating power
  • Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Guaranteed to let your home breathe
  • 300% more impact protection
  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • Seal out dust and dirt from outside
  • Reduce noise from the outside
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhanced security
  • Resists damage from cold, windy climates
  • Resists damage from wet, humid climates
  • Resists flame.
  • Resists damage from flying debris
  • Resists insect damage.
  • Resists cracking.



Nothing looks more like wood! Each panel of CraneBoard? has a wide plank design, providing the same look as the most popular wood siding. Plus, the face of each panel looks authentic ? not curved like vinyl siding. Our premium cedargrain texture completes the genuine wood look. To the eye, to the touch, its natural, true-milled cedargrain is virtually indistinguishable from wood.




Wider is better. What sets CraneBoard apart from every other brand of siding is its revolutionary CraneSpan? design. More than twice as wide as wood, fiber cement and ordinary vinyl siding, CraneSpan wider panel coverage - with its rigid SOLID CORE? backing* - straightens walls, reduces air infiltration and improves energy efficiency. A CraneSpanned wall stands straight, true and maintenance-free for life.

SOLID CORE SIDING delivers four times the insulating power of ordinary siding to save valuable energy dollars, while keeping you warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

The Performance Purple SOLID CORE backing now includes Perform Guard® to help repel termites and carpenter ants.
CraneBoard insulates over the wall studs, reducing thermal conductivity. The result is fewer cold spots on the interior walls of your home. Plus, CraneBoard provides 17% better air infiltration protection than siding with standard backer board for increased comfort and energy savings.

CraneBoard has been specially formulated and designed to provide extraordinary impact resistance ? 300% more than vinyl siding. We build it tough to give you a lifetime of beauty.

CraneBoard withstands winds up to 130 mph so you?ll feel secure in even violent storms. It eliminates up to 31% more noise than vinyl siding. And it never ? ever ? needs painting, giving you year-round, maintenance-free pleasure.





CraneBoard Triple 6 is the new dimension in siding. With the genuine beauty of its true-milled cedargrain finish, its rich, natural wood detail, and its sweeping span of three 6" planks - no other siding comes close.

The face of each panel is free of the curves normally found in vinyl siding and its low-gloss colors impart a deep, natural look. The authentic premium quality of CraneBoard is our pride. And yours. Complete the look, insulation value and maintenance-free satisfaction of Triple 6 with matching trim and accessories.







""CraneBoard Double 7 SOLID CORE SIDING was created to fulfill the beautiful promise of your extraordinary home. Its double course of 7-inch planks smoothes and straightens walls. Its deeply shadowed profile edge is an unmistakable statement of quality. CraneBoard D7 commands attention - yet it needs none. You will admire it for a lifetime and never paint it once.

Compare D7 to fiber cement. No contest!  Without caulk lines or visible nail heads to mar its surface - and without the tendency of heavy fiber cement to sag and warp, CraneBoard D7 will give your home an enviably flawless exterior from every vantage point. Unlike fiber cement, D7 looks elegantly authentic - even up close. The finishing touch? Matching trim and accessories with all the maintenance-free advantages of D7.






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